The Wacotto baby sling carrier is designed for comfort, simplicity, security and ease. But it is not just a baby carrier, it can also be used as a comfy and stylish scarf. It uses triple stitch technology for maximum stretch, strength and durability.

  • Comfortable to wear and non heat retaining for year round use.
  • Can be used in the shower, at the beach or water park.
  • Triple stitch fabric means it’s strong, durable and will not sag.
  • Compact – fits in your pocket.
  • Beneficial baby position – supports hip joint development by keeping the baby’s legs in the M position while also keeping their spine in the anatomically correct C curve.
  • Innovative Japanese fabric – stylish knit which can be worn as a scarf when not in use.
  • Extra close cuddles for baby.
  • When used according to directions it can last you for your next child… and the next – a brilliant investment!


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