The SUPPORi baby sling is a fantastic compact sling. The Suppori is so easy to use your baby straddles your hip. It is secure and comfortable to wear, as the SUPPORi spreads over your shoulder rather than your neck.









Baby’s legs are supported in the orthopedically correct M shape – ideal for their developing hip joints, while their spine is supported in the natural C curve.


The triple stitch fabric is super strong. Baby is secure in SUPPORi sling, as the fabric does not stretch lenghtways but widthways ensuring that the baby is safely attached to mum at all times.

Air Permeability ensures comfortable wearing, even during the summer. Because of SUPPORi’s amazing high performance mesh fabric, no heat builds up between mum and baby. Can be used in the pool or the sea as it’s a non-absorbent fabric.




Dads love SUPPORi too – because it’s so simple to use.

Parents have enough to carry around. The SUPPORi sling is light and compact! Only 80g and smaller than your phone.

Designed to fit mum and stretch to fit baby. 

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